Corporate Sales

Corporate Medical Check-up Packages provided by VICTORIA HOSPITAL for Executives/Employees of organizations

Corporate Medical Check-up Services

  1. Standard Medical Check-up package
  2. Medical Check-up package for food handlers (F&B)
  3. Pre-employment and Annual Employee medical Check-up Packages
  4. Executive medical Check-up Packages
  5. Specialized custom medical check-up packages for individuals
  6. Custom-made medical Check-up packages for fulfilling your organization's special needs.


  • All corporate Medical Check-up Packages are offered at a special corporate rate.
  • On Location service at a pre-arranged place and venue for group medical check-up package are also provided at a reasonable cost.


Advantages of having Corporate Medical Check-up

  • Can detect the health problems/Issues of recrults in advance
  • Easier hiring selection can be made according to the Health status provided by the check-up
  • prevention of Infectious Diseases at work-sites
  • Employees can perform their tasks with full confidence in their health
  • Can create a healthy and hygienic work environment ensuring the employees' confidence
  • Delivery of Hygienic and Healthy goods & services
  • Yearly Scrutiny of the Employees' Health
  • Inclusion of the medical Check-up as part of the compensation package